Adoption without Consent

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Adoption without Consent

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My friend cannot be named as she is currently in proceedings in family court where secrecy is the order of the day and the State is intent in adopting her daughter away from her. If she is named, she could be found in contempt of court hence, we have had to fundraise for her.


My friend is a brilliant and loving mother and she opposes the adoption of her 3 year old daughter, a hearing that has been listed in court on Thursday 14th October 2021 and the Final Adoption hearing will be in 4 weeks. THIS IS VERY URGENT PLEASE.


From 2014 - 2017 my friend found her living condition unstable due to domestic violence, postnatal depression and a housing crisis. In 2018, three days after she gave birth to her daughter, she was summoned to the family court by Sutton Social Services to seek the removal of her newborn baby. The reason they gave was that the mother had no stable abode. And promptly the newborn baby was severed from the mother. Sutton Social Services assured my friend that their plan would be to reunite the baby with her mother once they have supported her to find a stable accommodation because other than her housing difficulties, they had no concerns with respect to her parenting.


It has been three years since the court ruled that the child would be placed in temporary foster care until the mother secures stable accommodation to care for her child. She has done everything the court requested of her and found herself a stable accommodation in London. She went further to undertake all stipulations placed upon her such as cognitive behavioural therapy assessment where she was found to have no mental illness, 8 sessions of counselling and psychotherapy sessions. Lambeth Council supported the mother to secure appropriate accommodation which is suitable for her to raise her daughter in, when Sutton Council failed to secure accommodation for her. She has now completed Level 2 in Early Years Education Course and is currently working as an Early Years Practitioner, working with young children. Yet Sutton Council is seeking to now permanently deprive this good mother a chance to raise her beloved daughter; deny the baby a chance to be loved, nurtured, and raised by her biological family for no reason at all. The child has never been abused by her mother and was removed from the mother when she was only 3 days old. 


My friend loves her baby and wants to be allowed to love, care for, and raise her baby with her unending motherly nurture and affection. She was tricked to believe that her child would be returned to her care, only to now be told that she will never see her child again! Adoption is irreversible and she desperately needs your help to stop the might of the State from ripping her child away from her permanently. She needs your help to pay for urgent legal representation to stop the Adoption of Her Beloved Daughter, pending when she can secure legal aid funding for the case. The case is listed for a hearing in Croydon Family Court on Thursday 14th October 2021 and a Final Adoption Hearing in 4 weeks thereafter.


Please donate and no amount is too small or too large, please. All donations will go to her solicitors Sanctuary Law Limited to fight this case this week in court. Please help my friend to secure justice for her precious daughter, please.

How You Can Help

Help Stop Legalised Kidnapping of a 3 year old baby by Sutton Council. Please contribute whatever you are able to afford to help my friend fight to oppose the adoption of her daughter.


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All donations have been forwarded to Sanctuary Law Limited, the solicitors for the Mother.

  • 2021-10-20

    Final Update

    This is the final update on this campaign as we have now closed the campaign. Prior to closure, this campaign has raised a total sum of £2570 gross from the following donors and on the following dates: O B £20 on 13th October 2021; O B £50 on 13th October 2021; L. AM £2500 on 14th October 2021. All funds net of fees have been transferred to Sanctuary Law Limited, the Mother's solicitor for their and the Counsel's legal work on the matter on 14th October 2021. This campaign is now closed by the Campaign Owner before its end date. Sanctuary Law Limited is no longer instructed by the Mother to undertake her appeal in this matter. Therefore, the Mother no longer has the permission of Sanctuary Law Limited to use their firm name for fundraising purposes.

  • 2021-10-18

    Funding Update

    The following donations have been received:   £20 from O B on 13th October 2021, £50 from O B on 13th October 2021, and £2,500 from L. AM on 14th October 2021   All donations so far received have been transferred to the Solicitors for the Mother net of fees.

  • 2021-10-14

    The case so far

    Offline donations have been received for this campaign in the sum of £2,570 from generous supporters of this cause. This matter has been heard in court today and will be moved on to the Court of Appeal within the next 21 days. The appeal is to stop the local authority's intent to adopt this child away from the Mother as neither the Mother nor the Father have consented to this adoption. Please continue to support this Mother in her fight to keep her child.

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